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A Guide to Transitioning Your Aging Parents to In-Home Care: A Professional Perspective

By Moore Care / February 26, 2024

As our parents age, it becomes necessary to make important decisions regarding their care and well-being. Transitioning aging parents to in-home care is a common choice that many families face. However, this transition can be overwhelming and challenging without the proper guidance and support. In this blog, we will provide you with a professional perspective…

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Creating A Care Plan – How Daily Routines Help Seniors with Dementia

By Moore Care / February 9, 2024

Dementia can take a toll on not only the person with it but also the lives of their loved ones and those who take care of them. Early stages of dementia can include risk factors like loss of concentration or memory, confusion, mood changes, and depression. As time progresses, dementia can debilitate people and cause…

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The Moore Care Difference

By Moore Care / February 2, 2024

When it comes to in-home care and caregiving, quality and compassion are of the utmost importance. At Moore Care, we understand the value of exceptional care and are dedicated to providing the best in-home care services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. With a team of highly trained and passionate caregivers, we strive to make a difference…

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Starting the New Year Right: Initiating In-Home Care for Elderly Parents with Moore Care in Baton Rouge

By Moore Care / January 8, 2024
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The start of a new year often brings a time of reflection and resolution. For families considering in-home care for their elderly parents, the start of the year can be the perfect opportunity to embark on this seemingly daunting but necessary journey. At Moore Care in Baton Rouge, we understand the significance of this decision…

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How to Talk to Your Elderly Parent about Assisted Care

By Moore Care / November 21, 2023

As our parents age, the role reversal from care receiver to caregiver can be one of the most profound journeys we undertake as adult children. It often leads to difficult conversations about our parent’s future care, specifically the need for in-home caregiving. While it’s a topic that may bring uncertainty, it’s also an opportunity to…

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Memory Care Assistance

5 Reasons Why Your Loved One Facing Alzheimer’s or Dementia Needs Memory Care Assistance

By Moore Care / October 4, 2023

We know caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia can be an emotional and challenging journey. You may feel like caring for your parent or loved one is turning into a full time job. As your loved one’s condition progresses, the need for specialized care and support becomes increasingly important. At Moore Care,…

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