Senior Rehab and Post-Surgery Caregiver Services

Schedule Rehab and Recovery through Moore Care

Have you had a major surgery that's limited your mobility or your day-to-day functionality? Has a traumatic injury left you immobilized until you can recover? We can provide caregiving services to support your healthcare team during your recovery.

Our trained team will make sure you get all the care you need as you recover. We'll also make your recovery easier by assisting you with personal care and offering mobility support.

Call us today at 225-610-1060 to set up in home health care services in Baton Rouge and to assist you with your rehabilitation.

Senior Rehab and Support

We Will Walk the Road to Recovery With You

Recovery is a road you don't have to walk alone. Turn to the friendly and expert professionals at Moore Care Caregiver Services for the home health care and rehabilitation services you need. Along with your rehabilitation exercises, you can expect us to provide:

Transportation Services in and Around the Baton Rouge Area

Bathing and Dressing Services

Cooking and Meal Planning Assistance

At Moore Care Caregiver Services you can rest assured that we will work as a team to provide world-class care and assistance for your loved ones.