Typical In-Home Caregiver Job Responsibilities: A Day in the Life

Caregiving is one of the fastest growing healthcare careers in America, because the “baby boomer” generation (a large demographic of people born after soldiers returned from WWII) needs assistance as they age. Our loved ones are also living longer, fuller lives due to modern advances in healthcare. There aren’t enough nursing homes to accommodate the “silver tsunami” and not everyone requires full time institutional care.

This is encouraging news for those looking to advance in a caregiving career. But you may be wondering what typical caregiver job duties and responsibilities are. Here we will explore more of what a typical day looks like and what you can expect to do while caring for a client.

caregiver job responsibilities

What are Caregivers Responsible for?

Caregiving doesn’t require a nursing degree or license, because caregivers don’t administer medical intervention. Caregivers are only certified to assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs). Pretty much anyone with a compassionate attitude can become a certified caregiver. However, to create a successful career you need to do more than simply be attentive to the most basic of human needs.

Showering and Bathing

Dressing and Undressing


Incontinence Care

Transferring to Doctor's Appointments


Dental Hygiene

General Grooming

Common Caregiver Duties and Responsibilities

Below is a common caregiver duties list, which includes some of the most frequent tasks you may be doing while assisting clients in their home:

  • Monitoring and supervision – being there to prevent trips or falls, or to assist in movement about the home

  • Light housekeeping – helping those in your charge complete their laundry, cleaning and home upkeep while affording them their independence

  • Plant and pet care – many enjoy the companionship of cats or dogs and tending to houseplants, but may need some assistance in doing so

  • Transportation – with simple errands like grocery shopping, or visiting the salon or barber shop

  • Dressing – buttons, snaps and keeping balance while dressing can be a challenge– so we help with these tasks

  • Personal hygiene - bathing and toileting often becomes difficult to accomplish alone as we age

  • Medication reminders – taking care that doses are not skipped or duplicated

  • Nourishment and meal preparation - helping to prepare meals or with feeding

  • Companionship – being a friendly face and enjoying hobbies and activities together, plus sharing stories

  • Communication assistance – such as getting the mail, scheduling appointments, and returning phone calls

  • Respite care and family support – providing much needed relief to family members that are taking on the bulk of caregiving needs and being able to answer their questions or allay their concerns

Moore Care’s initial training and ongoing continuing education programs will get you prepared for all these tasks.

caregiver job responsibilities | caregiver helping senior woman

What About Patients that Need Specialized Care?

Some of our clients require more specialized care, but do not require around-the-clock care necessitating admission into a retirement community. Some of the caregiver duties and responsibilities are similar to those above, but we also provide more advanced training for issues like:

  • Memory loss - such as Alzheimer’s and dementia

  • Disabilities - such as stroke recovery

  • Complex moving - such as rotating to prevent bed sores

  • Tracheostomy care

  • Ostomy bag

With all of our clients, our caregivers must have some basic qualities to adequately assist those they care for, like:

  • Physical requirements – including the ability to lift over a certain weight

  • Scheduling availability – to meet the needs of your clients

  • Personal transportation – dependable and insured

You can find more information about the essential caregiver skills we look for in those we invite to join the Moore Care team. 

Your Reputation as a Member of the Moore Care Team

As the premier in-home care provider in our area, we enter the homes of some of Baton Rouge’s most respected families. What many of our elite caregivers enjoy most about representing the Moore Care team are their long-term assignments; spending years with one client and family, building a relationship, and taking great pride in allowing them their independence and integrity as they age gracefully in the comfort of their own homes.

Moore Care has also removed the once-stressful burden of hours of paperwork—moving much of the reporting to an electronic format. Members of our staff enjoy the extra free time that digital documentation adds to their days.

We are always searching for quality caregivers that meet our high expectations and have the skill set necessary to be a ray of sunshine in others’ lives. If you feel you have what it takes and would like to learn more about how to build an in-home caregiver career with Moore Care, please visit our Opportunities page to learn more and view open positions.