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Resources, Training, and Opportunities for Caring Individuals in Louisiana

Moore Care  is the premier provider of exclusive in-home caregiving in the greater Baton Rouge area - thus we can offer many various caregiver home careers. If you are an experienced caregiver or are just looking at how to get a job in home care, look no further than Moore Care Caregiver Services.

Unlike many other providers in our area, we are not a franchise! We are family owned and locally run, so you may regularly interact with all members of our staff, including the owner.

Looking to Build a Successful In-Home Caregiver Career?

Being a caregiver cannot be viewed as a job to pay the bills – it must be viewed more as a calling or way to show compassion to others. As our population ages and baby boomers begin to require care, caregiving is becoming one of the fastest-growing healthcare careers in America. Many new companies are forming to answer this call and are taking anyone willing to work, but this is NOT how Moore Care operates.

Our clients are retired professionals who wish to remain independent and at home, so they open their homes and lifestyle with only those they can trust and become companions with. We place only the finest caregivers with our private-plan clients. Our elite caregivers may radiate:

  • A servant’s heart and mentality

  • Patience

  • Compassion, empathy, and humility

  • Humor and personality

  • Attention to detail

  • Cooperation and attentiveness

  • Assertiveness when appropriate

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Typical responsibilities of our caregivers may include (but are not limited to) socialization and participation with client hobbies, activities, social engagements, being close by in case of emergency, help with dressing and basic personal hygiene, meal prep and feeding, and medication reminders. More advanced client needs may include help with bathroom use, cleaning of medical ports, and specialized mobility and memory assistance.

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The Importance of In-Home Care

In-home care serves a valuable role in our healthcare system—meeting the needs of those whose family is not equipped yet medical facilities (hospitals or nursing homes) are too extreme and offer more than required.

Families look for a Caregiver that will treat their loved one like family. Moore Care’s elite caregivers know that caring for others is more than just a job—it’s in the heart. A family seeks trust and desires strong faith in the person chosen to watch after their loved one’s well-being. Families need assurance that care is personalized and customized for them. While away, families need to know their loved-one is safe in the hands of both a loving caregiver and a corporate team who has each client’s needs at the forefront of all operations.

Caregivers are critically important; providing peace of mind to families, serving the personalized needs of the client, and maintaining the integrity of Moore Care and the profession of caregiving. We’ve all seen the horror stories of poor living conditions and neglect within nursing homes and long-term care facilities. Moore Care is committed to never allowing that to happen with in-home care. That is why all our caregivers undergo extensive initial training, regular ongoing training, and we always maintain open lines of communication.

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Benefits of Joining the Moore Care Team

Because Moore Care extends invitations to only the best caregivers, we offer many benefits to candidates looking to pursue fulfilling caregiver careers. While we do show preference to caregivers with 3+ years of experience, a reputation for excellence, and those who provide professional references, we have many entry-level caregiver positions available that will allow you to develop your proficiency and grow with us.

Some of the benefits of becoming a member of the Moore Care team include:

  • Scheduling around your need with fully online digital calendars

  • Digital reporting, eliminating the hassle of paper shuffling

  • Autonomy to truly make a difference in our client families’ lives

  • Excellent and competitive pay & benefits

  • Ongoing training to grow and be promoted

  • Locally family-owned and operated, so no corporate red-tape

Through team-building events and continuing education, our ELITE caregivers develop pride in their abilities and confidence in their reputation for being among the best in their field.

If you believe you have what it takes to become a member of the Moore Care Caregiver Services team, we invite you to submit your qualifications to us for evaluation and review. Below are the positions we are currently looking to fill which are updated regularly.