Holiday Activities for Seniors: Spreading Cheer and Inclusion with Loved Ones

Dec 20, 2023 | Moore Care

holiday activities for seniors

The holiday season is upon us, bringing a wave of festive events, delicious meals, crafting opportunities, and joyful traditions. While this time of year exudes cheer, it can also be challenging for seniors, particularly those who find themselves in deep loneliness.

At Moore Care, we recognize the significance of involving seniors in holiday activities and the benefits it brings. Embracing loved ones in these festive moments not only nurtures cherished bonds but also offers a multitude of advantages for their well-being.

Here are a few suggestions that help bring holiday cheer to senior citizens and ways for you to be involved, too. 

Decorating for Festivity

Brightening the holidays for seniors is simple: lend a hand in decorating their homes. This effort goes beyond aesthetics, promoting physical activity, emotional well-being, and a rekindling of cherished traditions.

Helping senior citizens decorate their homes for the holidays can be incredibly beneficial, contributing to their well-being and creating a positive and festive atmosphere. Here are some ways Moore Care has found decorating senior’s spaces for the holidays can be beneficial: 

  • Decorating helps provide light exercise and movement for seniors. It can promote physical activity and increase their mobility. 
  • Their emotional well-being can be improved with decorating. Not only do they get to spend time with loved ones, but they also create an environment that reflects the joyful and festive aspects of the holiday season. 
  • Involving seniors in the decorating process allows them to express their creativity and style. 
  • Assisting with holiday decor can help reconnect them to their holiday traditions. For example, if they grew up with the tradition of always decorating the tree with red and white lights. It can help remind seniors of traditions they may hold close to their hearts.

How You Can Spread the Cheer

You can help decorate their room with a variety of handcrafted decorations that you can make with them!

Whether you hang a string of snowflakes or candy canes, even the simplest decor could help them feel more involved in holiday festivities. 

Engaging in Holiday Crafts

Spending time creating holiday crafts or participating in holiday activities can help your loved one be involved in the holiday season. Spending quality time on and adding their own hand to the crafts is the perfect way to make the holidays a little more cheerful!

Moore Care’s Approach

Moore Care’s dedicated staff spends quality time with your loved ones and provides encouragement for pursuing interests and community involvement. Whether you are able to visit in person or virtual, Moore Care helps facilitate communication between you and your loved one. Delegating time to creating holiday crafts through video chat is easy for our staff to coordinate and leaves a lasting impression on our senior citizens. 

How You Can Spread the Cheer

Engaging in holiday crafts with a senior citizen, whether a family member or friend, can offer numerous physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Looking for ideas for crafts you can do with your loved one? Here’s a list of simple yet fun and engaging crafts you can do with links to instructions: 

To Wrap it Up… 

Overall, holiday crafts provide a meaningful and enjoyable way for seniors to connect with others, maintain cognitive and physical abilities, and experience the joy of the holiday season.

As we cherish moments spent with family and friends this Christmas, remember to recognize that including seniors in holiday activities is a profound investment in shared memories, preserving traditions, and fostering loving relationships.

If you have any questions about our senior care services, need guidance on caring for aging family members, or wish to learn more about how we can help, our team is always available to provide answers and support. 

Moore Care is dedicated to investing our time, efforts, energy, and resources into ensuring that your loved ones are cared for and looked after not only around the holidays but every day. 

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