Creating A Care Plan – How Daily Routines Help Seniors with Dementia

Feb 9, 2024 | Moore Care

dementia care plan

Dementia can take a toll on not only the person with it but also the lives of their loved ones and those who take care of them. Early stages of dementia can include risk factors like loss of concentration or memory, confusion, mood changes, and depression.

As time progresses, dementia can debilitate people and cause them to require assistance with feeding and bathroom visits. A designated care plan for dementia patients can provide stability and comfort to those affected. 

Moore Care specializes in including timely routine and stimulating activities in our care plan.  

Benefits of including routine as part of a dementia care plan

Routines provide seniors with dementia the opportunity to have stability, structure, and various other factors in their lives. 

  1. Seniors maintain physical and cognitive functions.
  2. Seniors have familiar activities and structure.
  3. Seniors can anticipate and navigate their future with a clear understanding of what lies ahead.
  4. Seniors have confidence in what they can still do themselves.

How to pick the right routine for a dementia care plan

Choosing a well-crafted dementia care plan is essential. At Moore Care, we understand the importance of caring for your loved ones and ensuring they receive a plan specific to their needs. When looking at or designing a care plan for an elderly loved one with dementia, you must consider a multitude of factors. 

Experience and training

Ensuring your loved one’s caregiver or home care service has the proper training and experience to care for them is crucial. Experience influences the ability to accommodate your loved one, provide catered assistance, and work with specific behaviors or emotional needs. At Moore Care, we have five years of experience serving the Baton Rouge community. 

Personalized Care

Dementia affects every person differently. Not every care plan fits every person. Despite routine activities being beneficial for seniors with dementia, personalized routine activities and care plans are essential.

Moore Care offers a customized care plan for your loved one. We ensure they receive the attention, interaction, support, and assistance they need.

Range of Services

For a daily routine or care plan to be successful, it must include a wide range of different services. To maintain daily activities, exercises, meals, and more, the caregiver must be able to offer various services. Moore Care provides services such as personal care, medication management, meal preparation, transportation, and companionship. Our services help to ensure the well-being and overall care of your loved one.

Safety Measures

Keeping your loved one safe should be a number one priority. We understand that seniors with dementia run the risk of having safety concerns such as wandering. The caregiver must practice safety precautions and take extra measures to ensure the welfare of your loved one. Moore Care takes the safety of our patients seriously and implements specific safety measures to guarantee their safety. 


Communication is key, especially for those who need care. For a successful daily routine, the caregiver must communicate openly with the person with dementia and their loved ones. Updating loved ones on the daily schedule, activities done, patient health, and more is necessary. Communication is also essential to keeping the senior active and interactive with others.


Although it is beneficial to maintain a routine with seniors with dementia, caregivers need to remain flexible. Dementia patient’s needs can change at any moment. That is why adapting to various needs or changes should be a crucial skill for a caregiver. With Moore Care, you have peace of mind knowing your loved one is with someone who reacts and responds quickly.


Before deciding on a specific home care service or caregiver, do some research. Knowing the track record or previous client experiences can make a world of difference. At Moore Care, we empathize with your desire to provide your cherished family member the utmost care. Rest assured, we share your commitment to ensuring the optimal well-being of your beloved family member.

Moore Care has extensive knowledge and experience working with seniors with dementia. Our dedication, careful consideration, and customized daily routines for your loved one make Moore Care stand out.

Choosing the right service or dementia care plan is a decision that requires much consideration and prayer. With a list of important skills/factors like these, you can make the best choice for your loved one. At Moore Care, we want to check off every box on your list and exceed them when caring for your loved one with dementia. 

How can Moore Care help?

At Moore Care, our staff has careful training specifically for assisting your loved one. With training and experience, our team can create a strategic and beneficial dementia care plan for your loved one. Our work goes beyond providing help to seniors; we genuinely care.

With Moore Care by your side, you know your loved one has a tailored nursing care plan for dementia with valuable services included. Moore Care uses effective practices and specialized memory care services to address early and later-stage risk factors.

Go the extra mile in caring for your loved ones, ensuring they are in capable and compassionate hands. Call Moore Care Caregiver Services today at 225-610-1060 to set up memory care services. 

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